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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Jerry Maguire Moment a la Fab Fem!

Recently we have been confronted about the FabFem. A misunderstanding in which the FabFem was believed to be something more explicit in nature. We feel compelled to solidify our vision and intent with the Fabulous Feminine experience.

We would like to express our thanks to this individual for helping us reaffirm our vision of the Fabulous Feminine and the experience that we hope comes through in our work.

Artistic expression has always been an abstract area when dealing with a business product and providing clients with a service. We respect that people hire us to preform a service for them based on past works and products that we offer.

We write this in hopes of achieving enlightenment in where our vision for the FabFem is as far as we are concerned. The FabFem is intended to be an experience where clients have an opportunity to explore the way THEY want to be seen and feel. We do not take it upon ourselves to dictate the manner in which each individual want this to be done.

We offer people access to our abilities and space in order for them to express themselves through the photographic medium. By using our abilities, creativity and professionalism we offer each individual an opportunity to cut loose and have fun in their sessions.

Our hopes for the FabFem is a chance for our clients to express different sides of their personality in a fun and carefree environment. We respect each individuals views on art and creativeness however, we DO NOT shoot anything the we feel is inappropriate or uncomfortable for all parties involved. We feel as though it would be a great misuse of the trust that a client has placed with us.

Boundaries are clearly set at the beginning of each session for mutual comfort and respect. Throughout the session we work collaboratively with our clients in order to bring out and achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the session. We encourage at any point throughout the session that clients feel free to express whatever they would like to shoot and portray, while keeping in mind the respect and freedom of both the client and us as artists are to be honoured.

Session are unique in nature and are never exactly repeated twice. Each individual needs to bring their feeling and desires to the set. We are only an avenue by which clients express themselves. We do not feel it is our place to tell anyone what they should be in order to feel confident and secure in themselves. It would be a great betrayal of each persons personal needs.

Should clients feel as though their session was not what they were expecting, we are more than open to discuss where they feel as though the session went the wrong. Our end goal is to offer a great experience with a wonderful product that will commemorate your "CREATIVE TIME" with us.

We stand behind our work the work that we provide as true and honourable representations of our time together and in the spirit of the FabFem Experience. Nothing honours us more than capturing that image, in a moment of openness, to express an inspirational message to anybody who sees it.

True art inspires and motivates, make us feel and understand points of view. Connects us all to one another but more importantly allows us to take a moment to step into ourselves as a journey of self discovery and self expression.

Through our experience and photos we as artists have a pursuit to represent the true nature of each individual that crosses our paths. We are honoured to have dealt with so many supportive and motivational people. It was once said that in the world of artistic expression that one third of the world will LOVE what you are doing, one third will FEEL APATHETIC to your doings, and one third will DISLIKE.

Our hope is that our work will speak to OUR third! We know you are out there and look forward to creating timeless works of art with you.

Thank you everyone for your love and even to those of you who challenge what we stand for. You ALL bless us with the opportunity to grow and artists and individuals.

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence" - Author unknown

Many Blessings... Take Care and Stay Fabulous!!!!

Nancy & Crystal

Fab Fem Rave from Karen!

This was my first photo shoot ever and i was scared to death , I didnt know how to pose or smile and felt very intimidated going in. Wow was i surprised, Nancy and Crystal made me feel like a star. It was a wonderful uplifting experience . They made me feel comfortable and beautiful. They were so encouraging . I honestly felt like a star. I would highly reccomend to anyone and i have to my friends already. The pics are beautiful, i didnt know i could look so good. When i do my competition i intend to have Nancy and Crystal right by my side. Everyone should be given the chance to be pampered like this and have their true beauty revealed!!
Thank you both so much

Karen xo