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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot & Fit w/ Stone Photography! Pt.1

I've had the extreme pleasure of working , several times now, with Judi Stone of Stone Photography.
The objects of our work have been with some of the sweetest fitness models I have ever met, they have all been such amazing people to get to know!
Special thanks to Jered for introducing me to Tomato Basil rice cakes! lol

Stay tuned for more!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Monday, June 14, 2010

My new addition!!! LOVE Lise Watier!!!

Hey Everyone!
If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my UBER excited status update about winning the Lise Watier "Plumpissimo" Contest.

It's always exciting to win something, but for me to win this contest was AMAZING!!! (Mind you I did stack the odds by purchasing several of their lip glosses and lipsticks in the allotted time span! LOL)

So here she is..... along with the beautiful bounty of Lise Watier products she came with.
I have named her "Luminato" and she's like my very own transformer! I may even get an Autobots sticker for her! LOL
And yes... that's Nancy taking the photo for me! =)

Hugs...Crystal xo

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rave from Valerie!

Thank you Fabfem for a fabulous experience.
I would recommend every women take the time to experience a photoshoot with Nancy.
I totally felt like a super model. I have never felt so beautiful and sexy in all my life.
My makeup looked amazing and having the accessories choosen for me was a nice touch...finishing touch.
I felt completly confident and comfortable within minutes of entering the studio... you girls are professional and fun- a great duo!
I left there feeling incredibly excited about my photo session and when the results came I was amazed. I looked as great as I felt that day.
Thanks so much NBphotos!!

Had such a great time with you Val!!!

Hugs...Crystal xo

Rave from Anne!

When doing Fab Fem photo shoots, privacy is one of our utmost concerns! Many of our clients allow us the privilege of posting a pre approved image along with their rave. Many times our clients prefer to keep their images completely to themselves (and we can absolutely respect this decision), but still go out of their way to write us a message about their experience with us.
All of our "Raves" are special to us and deserve to be shared. Having said that, here is the wonderful rave we received from Anne...

Hugs...Crystal xo

"I was so glad to have found Nancy and Crystal. I wanted to surprise my fiancee for his birthday. I was very hesitant and had never had a photo shoot before, never mind wearing boudoir in front of perfect strangers. Nancy and Crystal were amazing. They made me feel very comfortable and eased my anxiousness.

When I saw my! They turned out incredibly beautiful. As a women over 45, mother of 3, would never have believed I could look so feminine and sexy! Thanks so much Nancy and Crystal for such an incredible experience! I recommend every woman to try it, you will be amazed!!"