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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exciting review from MOST Magazine!

I am so excited to share with you all an amazing (and totally unexpected) review Nancy and I received for our Fabulous Feminine photo shoots!

We were featured in MOST magazine's Holiday Edition with FabFem photo shoots we did for some beautiful 40+ women! These women talked about their FabFem experience and how it impacted the way they feel about themselves!
Here's the link to the article...

For those of you who have experienced a FabFem photo shoot, you know how passionate Nancy and I are about helping women celebrate their "sassy side" regardless of age or size!
It is such a blessing to us (The FabFem Team) to know that we are on the right track of helping women to "feel free to just be!"

If you haven't yet treated yourself to this adventure... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! LOL

We have the perfect "Just a Taste" package just for you!

Just a Taste* - $195
Styling - 1 Make-up look
Photo session - in studio
Wardrobe - 1 look with 1 photo set
30 1st Edition eProofs all proofs are colour corrected and balanced
Products: 1 Art Edition Digital files with fully Fashion Airbrushed Retouched Image
1 Full Resolution ART Edition Digital Negatives with license for personal printing

This is a limited time offer that is available for purchase until Dec 31, 2010!!! (You do NOT have to do the session by then...just purchase the Gift Card and book when you're ready!).

Just contact us at.... The Fabulous Feminine Website to purchase your package OR Gift Cards!

Big Hugs and Happy Holidays to you all....... Crystal xoxo

Friday, November 19, 2010

NEW FabFem package "Just a Taste" ~ Limited Time Offer!!!

Hello everyone...
After some deep thought and the desire to reach out to as many people as possible, Nancy and I have decided to offer you a FabFem starter package that everyone can indulge in!
We believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to really see how FABULOUS they are!
We do offer Gift Certificates as well as Gift cards for CHRISTMAS for you or your loved one.


Just a Taste* - $195
Styling - 1 Make-up look
Photo session - in studio
Wardrobe - 1 look with 1 photo set
30 1st Edition eProofs all proofs are colour corrected and balanced
Products 1 Art Edition Digital files with fully Fashion Airbrushed Retouched Image
1 Full Resolution ART Edition Digital Negatives with license for personal printing

* Make your Just A Taste in to the Ultimate
Girls Night Out or Bachlorette Party by booking a

Pin-up Party - $195 /pp
Styling - 1 Make-up look
Photo session - in studio or on location (min 4 person-max 9)
Wardrobe - 1 look and 1 photo set for all party
30 1st Edition eProofs all proofs are colour corrected and balanced
Products 1 Art Edition Digital files with full Fashion Retouched "Nancified" Images
1 Full Resolution ART Edition Digital Negatives with license for personal printing
For our HOSTESS with the Mostest - Free Gift!
4pg FabMagazine with 4 images & digital files with license for personal printing

Book your Christmas Gifts TODAY!!!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bride Nancy.. a Natural Beauty!

I remember meeting Nancy at a Wedding show almost a year ago... how time flies!

Many of the brides I encounter have the same concern as Nancy did regarding her makeup for her wedding day. This concern is that they don't want to look too "made up". This can be very scary for brides who don't wear a lot, or sometimes any makeup on a regular basis. Why, all of a sudden, would you cake on a ton of makeup and colour to look completely different on your wedding day?
The last thing you want is for your groom not to recognize you walking down the isle! lol

With Nancy, my goal was to give her a look that enhanced her natural beauty. I stayed very neutral with her colour pallet, using champagne, and earthy browns on the eyes and peach cheeks and lips.
The most important thing to remember for any bride is that regardless of the amount of makeup you usually wear, a professional makeup artist will be able to bridge the gap between the look you want and the type of "camera ready" application necessary for the most photographed day of your life!

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Nancy and her Hubby Bill... thanks to "my" Nancy of nbphotos
for these stunning images!

Hugs and Happiness Always.... Crystal xo

IMATS & meeting Kandee Johnson!

So for those who are asking "what the heck is IMATS?" it is the
International Makeup Artists Trade Show!
And why, you may ask, is there a photo of my wristband?! lol
Well I'm ashamed to say that I took ZERO photos while at the trade show! Why? 'Cause it was INSANE there!!!

For all of you that know me, even a little, you know that my attention span is non existent when surrounded by bright, flashy, sparkly goodness! There were great classes and speakers AND even better deals!!! lol So much makeup... sooooo little time! (I've definitely got to start an IMATS fund for next year).

Now, if the IMATS weren't enough... I was ridiculously excited to be able to attend the last EVER "Glaminar" workshop presented by my new found FAVE makeup artist Kandee Johnson.
This workshop was so informative and inspiring, I'm still mentally processing through all the information she shared with us.

It was an absolute honour to meet Kandee, though I was slightly embarrassed to admit to her that I had only been following her you tube channel for about 2 weeks. There were some big time Kandee fans there and they were awesome! I LOVE being surrounded by open minded and artistic people that are so passionate about what they do. What an amazing way to spend my Sunday!

Keep checking back for posts about some of my new favourite products from IMATS!

Big Hugs... Crystal

Friday, October 29, 2010

Amy and Abel"s Engagement shoot!

Here are a couple of photos (courtesy of nbphotos) lol from Amy and Abel's engagement session... Amy is such a classic beauty! (Abel's pretty cute too!) hehehe

I can't wait for their wedding in December! Not only do I get to prep Amy and her girls for the wedding but I also get to be with them all day!!! So excited!

Stay tuned for photos from their winter wedding!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Kim & Mike's Wedding!

Kim was such an awesome bride to work with! She and her hubby Mike are so laid back, as was their bridal party, that it made the entire day so very relaxing (even if we were dodging cars in they ally way during photos!).

Kim opted for a very classic bridal look with a little more "oomph" with a warm red lipstick... MY kinda gal!!!
Kim and her sisters each have very different personal styles which makes each of them so stunning!
I had an absolute blast getting everyone ready and spending the day doing photo styling and makeup touch ups... I have the BEST job!

Wishing you and your beautiful family absolute happiness... always!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Photos courtesy of nbphotos

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kali & Mike's Engagement!

It's not everyday that I have the opportunity to work with a fellow redhead, so when I first met the fabulous Kali you could say I was a just little bit excited! Lol

I absolutely adore Kali's personal style and was so happy that she loved the natural makeup application for her engagement session with Nancy of nbphotos.

As you can tell from the photo below, Kali and Mike are all about fun. I'm so excited be a part of their upcoming Wedding day!

Stay tuned for a slightly more Glam version of Kali for her November wedding!
Until then... stay Fabulous!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Photos courtesy of nbphotos

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Linda & Ryan part 2...the Wedding!

So... I would like to start off by thanking the talented Bassem for capturing this "action" shot! Contrary to popular belief, I don't really enjoy having my photo taken... I have my very own "Crystalized" angle hahaha... few have found it... many have tried! LOL
Thanks B!

NOW... on to the beautiful, emotional and fun filled day that was Linda & Ryan's Wedding!

I was so very blessed to be Linda's makeup artist for her engagement shoot in the summer and then again for the entire Bridal party for her Wedding day.

It's obvious that Linda is stunning, she really did make my job VERY easy!
Linda is such a sweet and caring woman. Her entire Bridal party were such an example of close and loving family and friends. It was my absolute pleasure to work with all of these beautiful women! A VERY special thank you to Linda's Mom who allowed me to touch her up with blush and lipstick! (I consider this an honour as she does not wear makeup ever!) Thank you!

Once again I was privy to the antics of a bridal party gone wild! lol I spent the day with crazy crew... the relentless rain did not hinder them! Big props once again to the uber talented Bassem who can ROCK a photo shoot in any weather!!!

Linda and Ryan... I wish you both much love and happiness always!
It was absolutely wonderful getting to know you both.

Big Hugs... Crystal xo

In case you missed it... photos courtesy of Bassem

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tannis & Kevin get hitched!

This was such an awesome day!
Tannis was such a great bride to work with, as was her fabulous bridal party (gals and guys)!
It is always so great to get a bride ready in the morning, see her get married and then spend the day helping her during photos etc.

With Tannis and Kevin, the day was full of jokes and fun. The whole crew was so laid back and easy going that it made for an amazingly wonderful day! Did I mention that Kevin's family is scottish?!?! For those who know me.... kilts and Scottish accents are an absolute fave of mine!!!

All the best to you both for a wonderful and happy life together!

Hugs... Crystal xo

All amazing photos courtesy of the Fabulous Nancy of nbphotos

Melanie's Wedding!

It was definitely worth the drive to Mt.Forest to get the stunning Melanie and her BFF's ready for her wedding day! Melanie wanted a classic, timeless look for her big day and I think we achieved that nicely. Neutral tones and the peach/pink hue of a blushing bride!

As you can tell, the bridal party was a hoot! They kept Nancy of nbphotos on her toes and from what I hear.... there was an issue with the boys keeping their pants on?!?! lol
Congratulations Melanie and Jerry... wishing you many years of happiness!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful Bride ~ Shannon!

Talk about a classic beauty... Shannon is timeless!
It was my absolute pleasure to get Shannon ready for her Wedding. The rain did not cloud her shine!

It's always a HUGE bonus when I know the wedding photographer and in this case Shannon had one of my FAVES (and closest friends) Nancy of nbphotos!

I was speechless when I first saw these images of Shannon, they truly encompass the feeling of old Hollywood glamour... not to mention they're killer shots for my portfolio! lol

All the best to Shannon & Chris for a wonderful life together!!!

Big Hugs... Crystal xo

Photography by nbphotos

Linda & Ryan Engagement session w/ Bassem

Hi Everyone!
I was so excited to finally meet Linda and get her ready for her engagement shoot with photographer extrodinaire Bassem (and of course Ryan!).
This was my first time going to the Distillery District in Toronto for a shoot and can I just say it did not disappoint!

As you can see Linda is stunning! We all had a blast (as pictured below) either watching Linda & Ryan ham it up for the camera or Bassem and I being foolish behind the camera!

Not only were these two absolutely adorable and sweet, Linda is an absolute trooper for doing the entire shoot in her fantastic 6" heels!
We ended the day in a very appropriate manner.... burgers and beer (Caesar for me!) at Mill St. brewery! Best Kobe beef burger EVER!!!
I absolutely love being able to chill with my Brides (and their Grooms) lol after shoots! So much fun!

I cannot wait until I get to see this beautiful couple again for their October Wedding!

Big Hugs... Crystal xo

Photography by Bassem

Monday, August 23, 2010

"In My Humble Opinion"... Covergirl: the Good, the not bad and the UGH!

WOW has it been a busy summer! This is definitely not a complaint, I've had a wonderful time with all of my brides and photo shoots!

I finally got the chance to sit down and do a product review. I have decided to "dub" these reviews "In My Humble Opinion"... 'cause that's exactly what these reviews are!

For any of you who know me, I am a firm believer that any criticism should come sandwiched between two layers of positivity!
So in that spirit.... here it goes!

First is the NEW CoverGirl "Lash Blast Fusion". This product promises the best of both worlds with great length AND volume.... well, it's not bad. I have medium length, thin lashes and I found that the coverage was good with multiple coats and performed better at lengthening than volumizing.
I was hoping to be blown away by this product, instead I was just pleased to find that it didn't completely suck. One big downfall for me is that it is probably one of the fastest clumping mascaras I've come across. I didn't notice it for about 2 weeks ( a friend of mine had purchased hers about a week before me) and low and behold, about a week later came the thick clumpiness.
Overall, if you've got pretty good lashes to begin with and don't mind getting a new mascara every month then this might be the one for you!
Ok... here comes the UGH! I'm not holding back here, just be prepared! lol
Smokey ShadowBlast... this will be the last time I waste breath talking about how terrible you are!*
I purchased this product (in Bronze Fire) for a few reasons. First, it was on sale (thank God). Second, I'm a sucker for great packaging. Lastly, I'm an eternal optimist!!!
I'm pretty sure that I said to Heather (fantastic cosmetics Manager at my local Shoppers Drug Mart) "I can't believe I'm buying this, I'm really hoping to be proven wrong". such luck!
It is definitely not meant for those with oily skin! I don't have oily skin and it was slipping, creasing and looking like a$$ within 30 min.
This product is supposed to make the smokey eye easy for everyone to achieve.... OOPS!!! Probably one of the most user unfriendly products I've encountered. I even tried to apply it using cream eyeshadow brushes, better application results but product quality was still disappointing!
Overall, FAIL! I'm a professional who had a difficult time getting the advertised results... it upsets me that the general populace is going to put their hopes of a killer smokey eye on this product and be VERY disappointed... sad but true.
Finally some completely great news! While not a new product, the CoverGirl original "Lash Blast" (including the LUXE which has sparkles!) is a great mascara with an awesome price point! If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, give this one a try! I found great volumizing (which is always my first priority) and fantastic coverage that lasts all day.
If you have any product that you would like to see reviewed on my blog just send me an email...
In the meantime... Big Hugs!
-Crystal xo

*All reviews both positive and negative are my personal opinion and are not meant to be a substitute for your own opinions, thoughts or common sense! =)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Kristen & Kevin's Beach Wedding!

This was my first time in the beautiful town of Southampton, On. and can I just say it won't be my last!
Getting Kristen and her family ready for her wedding was such a laid back experience and that continued throughout the entire day I spent with them! I especially loved the cute little towel dresses that the ladies were chillin' in all morning.

As you can tell, Kristen is a "wee bit taller" then my own 4'11" LOL and as she is a former model, she made my job ever so difficult! *note me being sarcastic! lol

One of my fave photos of the day! Courtesy of Nancy Barbosa Alaimo

We even stopped by the happy couples favourite snack shack! Kristen & Kevin's families have camped with each other for over 30 years in Southampton!
Here's wishing you and your families many, many more wonderful years of family meetings by the campfire!

Thank you Kristen for choosing me to be part of your special day!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beat Rocks the Block 2010!!!

I was so excited to get a call from one of my FAVE morning show hosts, Adele from 91.5 the Beat, to do her makeup for BRTB and her 2nd entry video for the Regis and Kelly contest!

Not only did I get to see interviews and performances from great Canadian talent like Stereos and Down With Webster, I got to introduce Carlos to the wonderful world of makeup as well! LOL

Thanks for the great experience guys!

Hugs... Crystal xo

~ Kirsten & Alex are Married! ~

For any who know me personally, you know my "affection" lol for men in kilts! Well imagine my complete euphoria when I found out that my beautiful Bride Kirsten is Scottish!!!
Kirsten's father had my heart just fluttering when he dawned his traditional Scottish attire. Seriously! How adorable are these two?!?! LOVE IT!!!

This Wedding was so beautiful and full of joy! It was such an honour to be a part of this family's special day! Thanks so much Kirsten for making me feel like part of the family!
This was one of my larger Bridal parties! lol But these ladies were an absolute BLAST!!! Not to mention how easy they made my job!
You can see how beauty runs in the family!
Photography by Dean Landry of Dvision photography.

All the best for a long and beautiful life together!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Cherlyn & Chris say ~ I DO! ~

Not only did I get this STUNNING Bridal party ready in the morning, I got to be with them all day! Every Bride should have her very own entourage for her Wedding!!!

Not only were these ladies beautiful, they were hilarious! Such a fun group with a great sense of humour.
Thank you Cherlyn for choosing me as your makeup artist, it was an absolute pleasure!
Photography by Alex Heidbuchel of Rays and Pixels
Hugs... Crystal xo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mati Haskell ~ Songbird Extrodinaire!

If you haven't yet heard of Mati Haskell... you WILL!!! She is an extremely talented singer who has a set of pipes on her that you would not believe! The first time I heard her CD, I was in awe.

I was so excited to be working with her on some of her promo material with Nancy ( ). Mati has a quiet grace about her, an artists soul that you can feel when she sings. I simply cannot wait until we shoot again! (and hopefully be her makeup artist for her first awards show *hint*hint lol)

You can find out more about Mati, where shes performing and how to purchase a copy of her CD by going to....

Hugs... Crystal xo

Sara & Rob's Wedding!

I was so excited to be a part of this wonderful couples big day.
It was such a pleasure to get Sara ready for her wedding and the look on Robs' face when he first saw her was just priceless! Spending the day with these two while doing their photos was a blast and an adventure!!! It's amazing the "luck" you can come across... so happy Rob got his classic car fix! lol
Much joy and blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Hugs... Crystal xo

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot & Fit w/ Stone Photography! Pt.1

I've had the extreme pleasure of working , several times now, with Judi Stone of Stone Photography.
The objects of our work have been with some of the sweetest fitness models I have ever met, they have all been such amazing people to get to know!
Special thanks to Jered for introducing me to Tomato Basil rice cakes! lol

Stay tuned for more!

Hugs... Crystal xo