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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bride Nancy.. a Natural Beauty!

I remember meeting Nancy at a Wedding show almost a year ago... how time flies!

Many of the brides I encounter have the same concern as Nancy did regarding her makeup for her wedding day. This concern is that they don't want to look too "made up". This can be very scary for brides who don't wear a lot, or sometimes any makeup on a regular basis. Why, all of a sudden, would you cake on a ton of makeup and colour to look completely different on your wedding day?
The last thing you want is for your groom not to recognize you walking down the isle! lol

With Nancy, my goal was to give her a look that enhanced her natural beauty. I stayed very neutral with her colour pallet, using champagne, and earthy browns on the eyes and peach cheeks and lips.
The most important thing to remember for any bride is that regardless of the amount of makeup you usually wear, a professional makeup artist will be able to bridge the gap between the look you want and the type of "camera ready" application necessary for the most photographed day of your life!

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Nancy and her Hubby Bill... thanks to "my" Nancy of nbphotos
for these stunning images!

Hugs and Happiness Always.... Crystal xo

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