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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh yes I did!!!

Hi Everyone!

Well... I admit it... I'm a sucker for packaging! lol Combine that with one of my favourite shows and we now have a recipe for an expensive trip to Sephora! :P

The saving grace here is that this True Blood collection is courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics which prides themselves on healthy, nourishing cosmetics that are cruelty free! Never mind, that a cruelty free cosmetics company is toting a vamp inspired line... just makes me love it more, OH the IRONY!!! hehehe
Along with the killer shadow palette comes an eye primer, mascara and aqua gel eyeliner. The cheek and lip stains are both sold separately.

Check out the names of some of these colours... love, love, love!!! lol Ya... I'mma dork!
I feel my creative juices bubbling ;) For those who prefer direction, there is even a cute little "look" card with instructions.

Sooooo... because I just got this and haven't had a chance to play yet... like any good episode of True Blood (all the episodes are great btw)... This post is....

To Be Continued! ;)

Till next time...

Hugs... Crystal xo

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