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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dani's Fab Fem RAVE!

While we here at the “Fabulous Feminine” do whatever we can to create a unique and amazing experience for all our clients, it is sometimes difficult to explain just what a shoot with us is like. We love that people are curious about what makes our brand of portraiture so different form all the rest. We are also aware that coming from us, thinks may seem slightly bias! LOL
So… we have decided (with express permission from each individual client) to post the raves we have been sent with an “approved” photo from their shoot!

First up is DANI! who is in one word… SEXY!!!

For all of you who believe that beautiful only comes in a size 2….. think again!!! To say that Dani is an “average” woman would be a sin, ’cause there is nothing “average” about this beautiful, curvy, sassy woman!!!

This is what Dani had to say about her time spent with us…

“Working with these beautiful ladies for the the Pin-Up Party was absolutely phenomenal. I personally have done a photoshoot with FabFem before so I knew what fun I had in store. However, this time around I brought a good friend of mine with me to the shoot who has never done this sort of thing. She was very nervous about how she would feel in her outfit and how the pictures would turn out. I told her not to worry and that Nancy and Crystal do nothing less than make you feel 100% comfortable throughout the shoot. Let me tell you how my friend left that photoshoot TOTALLY confident and ready to book another photoshoot! Besides building our confidence and making us feel beautiful in our skin, they accommodated us with chocolate, fruit, and cosmopolitans. They also kept the music pumping to get us in the mood to strut our stuff! I’m pretty sure I can say on behalf of all 3 of us girls who did the photoshoot that we had an amazing time (as always) with the ladies of FabFem. I would definitely recommend these two for so many reasons! I’m ready to book another shoot again! It’s like tattooing, you just want more and more!” - Dani C


Keep checking back for more “Raves” and if this has inspired you to see yourself like never before, contact us to set up your very own session!!!

Stay Fabulous!

Nancy & Crystal xo

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